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Privacy Policy

The privacy which you are sharing meant important to us. We include the privacy policy which tells you about the services and how do we use your data. The data which will be shared with click to ROI are not being shared with the third party unless we are lawfully gratified to do so.

Which data will be processed by Click to ROI

When you visit to our website, we asked you for your personal details which include your name, e-mail id and company name. The e-mail addresses which are shared with us contain your IP address which is an important detail to share with us. Once your account is approved we will share you all the newsletters. Click to ROI News will opt you for sharing the Dating, Mainstream, Health & Beauty and Igaming the necessary information which are important for you. Due to the period of a year if we didn’t notice any opening of the newsletter from the aforesaid list of the e-mail, we would delete your account and won’t send you the further e-mail address and newsletters.

Once you register for Click to ROI account, we manage to collects your personal information, and use this information for your specific and relevant details which would be shared further to you. We will share you several e-mail regarding the event, the most convenient and communicative source between us would be e-mail. Once the event took place we proceed to delete your information from our data.

After sending your contact request which have been sent to our website we collect your personal data from your side and use this data to contact according to your request. We won’t use the data once the data is removed from our system at the end of the year.

If you picked to receive our commercial newsletter, we send you the request for collecting your personal data. In case you haven’t use your e-mail address for a span of 12 months we have the right to remove your account form the Click to ROI and shall delete your account.

The purpose of dispensation data and the production of Click to ROI:


Click to ROI will collect the data which provides you the best services and to vocation efficiently, which will give you the best business offers and the suitable marketing personalization. After visiting Click to ROI there are some details which have been asked to you directly for registering in Click to ROI session which later on delivers you our corporate newsletter and authentication for the access.

For the better communication Click to ROI uses your data for informing your account which delivers you the information regarding product and to keep you inform regarding your account. We forward you minimum one weekly newsletter which consist the latest offers with giving you’re the secure login and access. Due to our policy we won’t share you more than the 4 newsletters and offers in a month.

Corporate News:

We uses the data which we are contacted through our request, in any case we won’t share more than 4 newsletters in a month. After opting to receive the communal newsletters Click to ROI will only send you the sporadic newsletter.

Way of processing:

Once you applied for the client account in our website we collect your information which is at the background of the website. After sending the data to the system the automatic system of transferring and checking of the data will be done under the CRM system of our Tracking System Cake and Zoho.

Provision to Third Parties:

The data which has been shared between us won’t be shared to the third party, unless the law won’t require it.

Your privileges (adapt, unsubscribe or to be elapse)

Whenever you need to modify your data for the newsletter you can visit the link of Modifying your details, which could be find at the bottom of the website.

In case of unsubscribing from the given lists you can find the link to “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the previous newsletter which has been sent to you, and can change it from there.

We give you the right for deleting and updating your personal details which are no longer feeling necessary to you. You can send us the request for deleting your account and we accept your request within 48 hours (business days), once you send us the request we give a positive response on that.

Data Integrity:

Click to ROI will take care of your personal data lawfully and appropriately which organize to protect your personal information from unauthentic sources.